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Is is posible with Google docs spreadsheet to calculate the fields (currency) and ignor all fields that have had a strikethough applied?

Regards C

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Cell formatting can not be used as a criteria on spreadsheet formulas as there's no formulas (AFAIK) that can grab a cell formatting.

It would be much easier if you'd have another column where you marked your values with a cell value change, like 'yes/no' or an 'x'.

You can do it in Apps Script. But relying in formatting to make calculations in Apps Script is tricky. I recommend have a menu triggered function that grabs the "strikethrough" format and generate a 'yes/no' column so you can use in regular formulas like SumIf.

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Answer is here: http://igoogledrive.blogspot.ca/2012/09/user-defined-function-to-sum-all.html

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By the way, that's an ugly implementation. First of all, because you missed the caching feature/bug, second you're using unnecessary API calls within a for-loop, which is inefficient and may fail for longer ranges. Lastly, you should have pasted your code here in StackOverflow, it's ok to link to your blog, but forcing us to check it is not nice. – Henrique Abreu Apr 20 '14 at 0:48

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