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I want to count the number of characters in a ntext column and then get the SUM For example I have the following query:

SELECT LEN(field1) AS Length, field1 
FROM table

It will return results like:

  4     abcd
  6     abcdef
  4     abcd

I now want to get the SUM of the Length field. Using MS SQL 2008.

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so do you want to get a total of 14? right? see my answer below. –  John Woo Sep 11 '12 at 9:45

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The simpliest solution would be, (without using a subquery or any other that could decrease the performance)

SELECT SUM(LEN(field1)) AS totalLength
FROM table
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Thanks, I knew it was simple! –  luke2012 Sep 11 '12 at 9:57

try this:

Since you are using sql server 2008 , you could use common table expression(CTE):

;with cte as(
     SELECT LEN(field1) AS Length, field1 
     FROM table)
select sum(Length) as sumOfLenght from CTE
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You can first find Length and then sum of that length...

SELECT SUM(LEN(field1)) FROM table
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