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I'm using Bootstrap and have a form embedded in tab panes that contains button dropdowns. Sometimes the amount of items in the dropdowns overflows the height of the tab pane. I can always increase the min-height of the tab pane, but this solution is hackish. I have an example jsfiddle here:

In it, you can see how the dropdown gets clipped at the bottom of the tab pane. Is there a way to make the dropdown menu overflow the height of its parent container? I have tried playing with the z-index and overflow-y properties to no avail. Any tips would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Richard

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If changing overflow is an option for you, then the right selector is .tab-content

.tab-content {
    overflow: visible;
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Thanks for that, I was sure z-index was the solution and I even set overflow-y to visible on the individual panes but not on the tab-content selector. Thanks again! Accepted and I'd upvote if I had the reputation to do so. – Richard Bender Sep 11 '12 at 21:08

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