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Whenever I open my VS2010 (under Mercurial) project, the .hgignore file is tagged with a warning. Tooltip says Clean [default].

hgignore warning

Opening the file once removes the warning symbol.

hgignore no warning

Any idea, why is that and how I get rid of this warning symbol? Everything works as intended, so I have no idea what I am warned about.

Using: 2012-09-04: TortoiseHg 2.5 (with Mercurial 2.3.1) released

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The symbol means that the file is included in the project but not physically present on disk. Not sure why you're getting that, as it appears not to be the case for you, but that's the usual reason you see that symbol. Now, the tooltip implies you have Visual Hg installed, so that's perhaps related? Having said all this, you don't actually need .hgignore included in your project. – Craig Stuntz Sep 11 '12 at 12:07
Good hint, will exclude it and see what happens. Still unclear why I am getting the warning. – Horst Walter Sep 11 '12 at 12:13

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