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I spent a few days with a problem that is not how to solve it. I'm doing a report in Crystal Reports with Visual Studio 2010 and it works correctly so far all I have to show decimals, which magically always rounded to the nearest integer, ie if the number is 13.80 rounded to the 14, when I want to leave 13.80.

The stored procedure that retrieves the database retrieves the data correctly. The report and created a variable called "normal" to have a little formula created, that is:

if {pr_recuperar_apuntes_trabajador2; 1.tipo_apunte} = '3 'then

            {pr_recuperar_apuntes_trabajador2; 1.Quantity};

This makes all that proves is that the "tipo_apunte" is the number 3 to show the amount, if it shows nothing. I imagine that the problem is in the formula, but not how to fix it.

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Right click the object and select Format Object. Then click on Customize Button in the window which you get. Then you can see the following dialog box.
rounding decimal

In the above window select the rounding option as 0.01 and Decimals as 1.00 (just for example, u can adjust even more). So that your value will not be rounded for 2 digits. Your value will remain as 13.80

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Select the field. Click the 'Increase Decimals' button twice.

enter image description here

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