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I was trying to find out the creation time of file from its inode. I have used gmtime() for converting into normal time. But there is a 6 hour 30 minute difference in time with that displayed by ls -l command.

Why is this so? How do I remove this difference?

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from man gmtime

   The  gmtime()  function  converts  the  calendar  time timep to broken-down time representation, expressed in Coordinated Universal Time


   The localtime() function converts the calendar time timep to broken-time representation, expressed  relative  to  the  user's  specified
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I'm supposing you are using linux. In unix creation time is not stored; you only have time of last access (atime), time of last modification of contents (mtime), and time of last modification of the inode (ctime).

So checkout what you are retrieving from inode and comparing with ls -l

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