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How do I create a module for DotNetNuke v6 in Visual Studio 2010 which connects to a database, without using a DataSource control ?

I am a beginner in DotNetNuke and I want to fully understand how to create modules. I have referred Google and I found two links which I think are good, but I need a simple example that includes better comments and connects to the database without using a DataSource control.

Creating a DotNetNuke® Module - For Absolute Beginners!
Creating a Super-Fast and Super-Easy DotNetNuke® Module - for Absolute Beginners!

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I welcome you to dotnetnuke, indeed it is a great CMS respectively the greatest CMS made with ASP.NET

I would suggest you basic module development video

And you can go through dotnetnuke official video training library clicking here

Please also have a look at dotnetnuke blog posts, I would suggest to go through Steve Fabians blog you might have a look at Peter Donker and Chris Hammond blogs too.

Last but not least you can have a look at unlimited resources for dotnetnuke at dnncreative.com

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