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I want to create a handler function which takes two inputs. One is a parameter taken from the url /name, and second is a param from the query string /name?x=3

(def my-app (app
               [page-name] (handler page-name)))

(defn handler
  [{:keys [params]} page-name]
  (let [x (params "x")]
    (-> (page-templ page-name x) response constantly)))

The above fails because the handler is expecting 2 params, however I am only passing one.

How do I get hold of the request map, and pass it to the handler ?

The request map in the above case contains a param named x.

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It is best if you could dispatch on the page name, like that:

 [""] (index-page)
 ["login"] (serve-login))

Here functions index-page and serve-login return function of one argument.

(defn index-page[]
  (fn [req] ..))

req is the request that will contain all the url parameters in key/value map. To get parameter value do this:

(-> req (get :params) (get :x))

So the full solution would look something like this:

(def my-app (app
               ["page1-name"] (handler)))

(defn handler []
  (fn [req]
    (let [x (-> req :params :x)]
      (-> (page-templ page-name x) response))))

EDIT: Don't forget to wrap you application into (wrap-keyword-params) and (wrap-params), here's how you can do it:

(def my-wrapped-app
  (-> my-app
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Another thing, you shouldn't use constantly if response depends on request. constantly is used to quickly return response that is request agnostic, meaning it does not care whether you have any parameters or not. –  Ivan Koblik Sep 11 '12 at 11:43
Thanks for the answer, it was immensely helpful. Now I am defining all my functions in the above manner. However I am not able to get the wrap-keyword-params work. I still get string keys. I have posted my code to –  murtaza52 Sep 12 '12 at 1:46
Sorry can't get your web-app running, but I think that if you specify wrappers within app macro you need to reverse their order: (app (wrap-params) (wrap-keyword-params) [""] (serve-index)) –  Ivan Koblik Sep 12 '12 at 4:53
Yes that will be the mistake. Let me correct it. Also how did you try running it? Also I have two routes [""] and ["/"], both pointing to the same handler (serve-index), is there a way to specify one route for both instead of two separate ones ? –  murtaza52 Sep 12 '12 at 7:37
You don't need to have routing for "/", dispatch only on "". For deeper levels use something like ["level1" "level2"] this corresponds to URL host/level1/level2. Answering your first question, I cloned your repository and executed lein repl, I saw that you have hook in project.clj, it couldn't load templates. –  Ivan Koblik Sep 12 '12 at 7:51

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