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The following is not the best organization of shared data, but I still want to know why it isn't working..

SharedClass in this example is not a singleton, just a regular object getting passed around.

Class A has ivar:

@property (nonatomic, retain) SharedClass*sharedClass;

Classes B and C both have this:

@property (nonatomic,assign) SharedClass*sharedClass;

(the "assign" in this case could be "retain", I don't think that matters for this question)

Class A initializes the ivar in its init:

self.sharedClass=[[SharedClass new] autorelease]; // autorelease since it is retained

Class B does not handle the ivar in its init. Instead, Class B is instantianted within Class A's init, and pass a reference after, like this:

In Class A

self.classB=[[ClassB new] autorelease]; self.classB.sharedClass=self.sharedClass; // passing a reference to same object; this is working as expected

Here's what I don't understand. Class C is instantiated in Class B's init and also passed a reference, but since this is occurring before Class B gets its object from Class A, it is temporarily null, which I'd expect:

Class B:

self.classC=[[ClassC new] autorelease]; self.classC.sharedClass=self.sharedClass; //self.sharedClass is currently nil, thus so is self.classC.sharedClass

After Class B is instantiated in Class A (and thus Class C also gets instantiated inside Class B) and Class A assigns sharedClass to Class B, shouldn't this ripple through so that the sharedClass object is now also available in Class C? Just because it was nil, it was still pointing at a space that is now no longer nil, right?

However I'm finding that Class C can only reference the sharedClass if a further step is handled in Class A:

self.classB=[[ClassB new] autorelease]; self.classB.sharedClass=self.sharedClass; self.classB.classC.sharedClass=self.sharedClass;//why is this necessary?

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Is SharedClass a singleton? (I assume it's not) –  NSBum Sep 11 '12 at 11:07
No it is not. just a regular object being passed around (again, not the smartest way to organize an app but I expect it should work anyway) –  OpenLearner Sep 11 '12 at 11:16

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If self.sharedClass is nil at your assignment

self.classC.sharedClass = self.sharedClass;

then self.classC.sharedClass is also nil, and assigning something to self.sharedClass later does not change that.

Just because it was nil, it was still pointing at a space that is now no longer nil, right?

That is wrong, nil is a "null object" and does not point anywhere.

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