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I am using Numeric Library Bindings for Boost UBlas to solve a simple linear system:

#include <boost/numeric/bindings/traits/ublas_vector2.hpp>

namespace ublas = boost::numeric::ublas;
namespace lapack= boost::numeric::bindings::lapack;

int main()
    ublas::matrix<float,ublas::column_major> A(3,3);
    ublas::vector<float> b(3);

    for(unsigned i=0;i < A.size1();i++)
        for(unsigned j =0;j < A.size2();j++)
            std::cout << "enter element "<<i << j << std::endl;
            std::cin >> A(i,j);

    std::cout << A << std::endl;

    b(0) = 21; b(1) = 1; b(2) = 17;


    std::cout << b << std::endl;

    return 0;

I tried compiling it with the following command:

g++ -I/home/foolb/.boost/include/boost-1_38 -I/home/foolb/.boostnumbind/include/boost-numeric-bindings -o solve_Axb_byhand

but fail with the following error:

/media/disk/tmp/ccbd973l.o: In function `boost::numeric::bindings::lapack::detail::gesv(int, int, float*, int, int*, float*, int, int*)':[boost::numeric::bindings::lapack::detail::gesv(int, int, float*, int, int*, float*, int, int*)]+0x59): undefined reference to `sgesv_'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

What's wrong with my approach in the code?

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sgesv_ is a symbol from LAPACK library, you'll have to link to that. uBLAS just binds to it I guess.

I too don't know the name of the library though :)

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@Eugene: thanks, you are right. It works with this: g++ -I/home/foolb/.boost/include/boost-1_38 -I/home/foolb/.boostnumbind/include/boost-numeric-bindings -o solve_Axb_byhand -llapack – neversaint Aug 6 '09 at 4:48

Sorry if this is way off track, but I can't see you linking in the boost libraries in your g++ command. I see you including the search paths, but there's no explicit inclusion of the compiled Boost libraries themselves; something like -lboost (I'm afraid I don't know the exact format you'd need, and it may well depend on locations).

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When linking with boost numeric binding library, you can link with the parameter

-Lpath/to/lapack -llapack -Lpath/to/blas -lblas -lgfortran

in gcc4

-Lpath/to/lapack -llapack -Lpath/to/blas -lblas -lg2c

in gcc3

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