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Anything like this exist in the open source world? I can roll my own, but im looking to save time if possible.

Looking for something that will allow users to upload files and recieve a shortened URL to share. Possible have an api to allow other services to send pictures and return the shortened address.

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StackOverflow is about building, not finding... –  Andrew Moore Aug 6 '09 at 3:38
I appreciate your input, but i would like to avoid re-inventing the wheel if at all possible. –  GrapeCamel Aug 6 '09 at 3:41

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With only a little effort in google you could have found out that there exists an ImageShack API.

Here is a tutorial which might help you getting started.

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I know of two full-blown, cool looking solutions which are open source and GPL licensed:

EDIT 2009-12-19: Added Chevereto.
EDIT 2013-01-03: Chevereto not free, nor Open Source, nor GPL licensed.

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