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When uploading images Paperclip is saving files wo/ extensions. I'm using ActiveRecord

photo.rb (model):

require "sinatra"

class Photo < ActiveRecord::Base
    include Paperclip::Glue

    attr_accessible :image

    has_attached_file :image,
        :styles => {
            :small => "100x100#",
            :medium => "500x300"
        :path => "#{settings.root}/public/system/:class/:attachment/:attachment/:id_partition/:style/:filename"

photos.rb (controller):

post "/photos/?" do
        params[:photo][:image] = params[:photo][:image][:tempfile] if params[:photo][:image]
        @photo = Photo.new(params[:photo])
        if @photo.save
            { :status => "OK"}.to_json
            { :status => "NOK"}.to_json
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Files are saved under names like: public/system/photos/images/images/000/000/015/original/RackMultipart20120911-4‌​165-1ud8zbh –  Sebastian Sito Sep 11 '12 at 11:24
I've tried to use :basename.:extension but no luck. Without specifying path, Paperclip have problems because of hardcoded Rails.root. So I monkey patched it to Sinatra's root but it changed nothing - still no extensions. –  Sebastian Sito Sep 11 '12 at 11:44
Because the [:tempfile] refers to a file called RackMultipartXXXX-XXXX. Sadly I'm looking for a solution myself. –  Emil Ahlbäck Sep 22 '12 at 9:04

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