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How to know how much time a specific .class or .jar takes to be loaded by the ClassLoader?

The JVM option -verbose:class allows to know in which order the ClassLoader loads .class and jar. But it doesn't tell me if a specific .jar take a lot of time or not to be loaded.

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It only load individual classes and individual methods on demand. A lot of the delay is in running the static initialiser blocks and work done between loading of classes and methods. I am not sure how useful individual accounting would be. Have you tried a CPU profiler? –  Peter Lawrey Sep 11 '12 at 11:36

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You can overwrite the Classloader and add measurements to the compile() method.

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BTrace would help

here is a sample script just trace class load you can add time yourself http://kenai.com/projects/btrace/sources/hg/content/samples/Classload.java?rev=267

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