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I can't seem to find any instructions for setting up either MongoHQ or MongoLab with Play Framework on Heroku.

Is there something similar to this which is for the Spring Framework (I believe) that I can follow?

Or does anyone have any instructions that they can provide.

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MongoHQ adds a MONGOHQ_URL to your Heroku config environment

heroku config

Which returns something like

MONGOHQ_URL: mongodb://

Use this envronment variable inside your application to fetch which URI to connect Mongo to. I have an overriden property that can be specified in the Procfile

web: target/start -Dhttp.port=$PORT -Dmongodb.uri=$MONGOHQ_URL

And in a Play model class I connect and query Mongo with:

val mongoUri = MongoUri(Play.configuration.getString("mongodb.uri").get)

val mongoCollection = mongoUri.connectDB match {
  case Left(thrown) => throw thrown
  case Right(database) => { { username => { password =>

def findSomething(something:String) = {
  val searchTerm = MongoDBObject("something" -> something)
  mongoCollection.findOne(searchTerm) map { mongoObject =>"Found %s".format(mongoObject.getAs[String]("somethingElse")))

Assumptions made: Play 2.0, Scala, Casbah

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This worked for me! Thank you for posting this solution!! – ossys Jul 10 '13 at 19:18

Here is an example app that uses MongoHQ, Play 2, Scala, and works on Heroku:

There aren't really instructions, just some simple code.

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