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I'm trying to developed an android app with PhoneGap. I'm using the Storage Plugin and following the documentation provided by PhoneGap on that. I came across a function definition of a Select Query. I was thinking about making a button to fire that query but I just don't know how. I kind of newbie in JavaScript. Here it is the code of the function:

 function queryDB(tx) {
    tx.executeSql('SELECT * FROM DEMO', [], querySuccess, errorCB);

I tried to make the button like this, but it doesn't work:

<button onclick="queryDB();">SELECT</button>

I believe it's missing something between the parentheses but I can't figure it out what is it. Thanks, Eva.

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where is tx coming from? if you have it initialized as a global variable AND you have querySuccess and errorDB functions defined, this could work... maybe posting few more lines of code would help? –  Zathrus Writer Sep 11 '12 at 11:38

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You missed the parameter tx.

<button onclick="queryDB(tx);">SELECT</button>

But there should be a global variable tx.

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