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My client has a couple of Stata programs (.do files) that they have been running for a while.

Is it possible to have a front end page or a form for Stata so that we can choose different options/criteria and based on the selections certain programs on Stata are run?

Basically is there a way of creating a form for Stata programs?

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Stata can be launched in batch mode as

stata /b do whatever.do

So you can form that whatever.do file using the tools that are convenient for you, and then run it as needed. Of course you need to make sure that whatever output is being produced by the client's do-files is being saved in a computer readable format (rather than just left there in the screen for the analyst to copy and paste into Word).

This is implemented by ADePT team of the World Bank, see http://www.worldbank.org/adept. It has a C# GUI, but it runs Stata deep inside.

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You can make a form that you can use from Stata's drop-down menu. See the help dialog_programming page.

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