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How to detect if atof or _wtof failes to convert the string to double? But not by trying to check if the result is different form 0.0 because my input can be 0.0. Thanks!

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You just discovered the reason why using the atoX functions is bad. –  PlasmaHH Sep 11 '12 at 12:00

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Don't use atof. Instead, use strtod, from <cstdlib>, and also check errno from <cerrno>:

// assume: "char * mystr" is a null-terminated string

char * e;
errno = 0;
double x = std::strtod(mystring, &e);

if (*e != '\0' ||  // error, we didn't consume the entire string
    errno != 0 )   // error, overflow or underflow
    // fail

The pointer e points one past the last consumed character. You can also check e == mystr to see if any characters got consumed.

There's also std::wcstod for working with wchar_t-strings, from <cwstring>.

In C++11 you also have std::to_string/std::to_wstring, from <string>, but I believe that throws an exception if the conversion fails, which may not be a desirable failure mode when dealing with external data.

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@TerranceCohen: No. (But you may still wanto to check errno to catch over- and underflow.) –  Kerrek SB Feb 5 '14 at 23:52

Using atof, you can't. But since this is C++, I suggest you use a std::stringstream and check it with operator ! after applying operator >> to a double.

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