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I have the json array name like as newarr.How to get the all id's from the json array and how to add with in the arr value?

 var arr=new Array();
 var newarr=new Array([
            "id": 16820,
            "value": "abcd",
            "info": "Centre"
            "id": 18920,
            "value": "abcd-16820",
            "info": "Centre"
            "id": 1744,
            "value": "abcd-16820",
            "info": "Centre"
            "id": 16822,
            "value": "AaronsburgPA-16820",
            "info": "Centre"
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I tried this with jQuery and here is the fiddle for it.

$.each(newarr[0], function(k, v) {
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jquery... lame ;) i still don't see why one wouldn't use map for that :-/ – sdepold Sep 12 '12 at 6:15

This should do it:

for (var o in newarr){

also, you don't need to use both square brackets and new Array when building an array object, one of the other will do:

var myarray = new Array(1,2,3);


var myarray = [1,2,3];
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It's very simple:

for(prop in newArr) {

Allow me to suggest that instead of coming directly to Stack Overflow for help, you Google around a bit next time. :) Also, that is not a JSON array: it's a Javascript array. And it's better to initialize an array with [] notation (var arr = []).

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Both given answers won't work, because you are creating a nested array (newarr=new Array([...])).

The algorithm is: loop through the Array containing objects, and push the value of every to arr.

In you case:

for (var i=0;i<newarr[0].length;i+=1){
  if (newarr[0][i].id) {

furthermore: this is not a 'JSON Array'. There are no such things as JSON Objects/Arrays

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he is pretty right actually :) – sdepold Sep 11 '12 at 12:11

You can use the map method on array:

arr = { return })

And a link to the documentation:

If you don't have an id in every object, you might want to filter null:

arr = {  
  return id !== undefined  


and if you really have a nested array, do this first:

newarr = newarr[0]

and here is a link to jsfiddle

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