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I have below classes

class Audit {
    Status status = Status.ACTIVE

class Book{
    String name;
    Audit audit
    static embedded = ['audit']
    static belongsTo = [author:Author]

class Author{
    String name;
    Audit audit
    List books
    static embedded = ['audit']
    static hasMany = [books:Book]

I want to retrieve active books for the author. Can you suggest me the query for this? I am trying to add method in Author like below

List<Book> getActiveBooks(){

or If there is any other way to retrieve my books.. as active books only. Please help me out

Following are the tables with columns


name, audit_status, author_id


name, audit_status

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I have updated with tables and columns for Book and Author. I thought it is simple question as i dont have much experience i am not getting it. I am surprising why i am not getting any answer. Please let me know if any thing need to know. – vishnu Sep 12 '12 at 3:59

Check out the CriteriaBuilder.

You can use it to search on the status of the author (see "Querying Associations" section).

Use this together with projections (see "Querying with Projections") to get a list of books.

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One way of doing this is to add a namedQueries block in Author and then you can call

def activeBooks = Author.getActiveBooks().list()

Here is the Author class namedQueries

class Author {
    static namedQueries = {
        getActiveBooks {
            books {
                eq 'status', Status.ACTIVE

I am assuming Status is a domain object too. If so, GORM will match the id of the status object.
Please double check the syntax.

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