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I have 2 tables


item  qty 
3001   1
3003   3
3004   1
3006   2


item   qty
3001    2
3002    3
3006    3
3008    6

I want to union these two tables into a third and add the quantities of the same items like this


item    qty
3001     3
3002     3
3003     3
3004     1
3006     5
3008     6

How can I achieve this with SQL Server?

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By the way which SQL? (SQL Server, MySQL etc..) – hims056 Sep 11 '12 at 12:45
Microsoft SQL Server – decapo Sep 11 '12 at 14:40
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You can achieve it using UNION. First you have to union all data (of both table) and using sub-query you can group using GROUP BY and add total using SUM function.

SELECT Item, SUM(qty) as Qty FROM
   SELECT Item, qty FROM warehouse_1
   SELECT Item, qty FROM warehouse_2
) as a
GROUP BY item;

See more about UNION:

See more about GROUP BY clause: (You can also find about SUM there.)

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Thanks, it worked for all except for one item oddly so I had to use UNION ALL and that worked – decapo Sep 11 '12 at 14:35

Please try:

select item,sum(qty) from(
    select item, Qty from warehouse_1 
    select item, Qty from warehouse_2
group by item
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try this:

create table tbl1(item int,qty int)

create table tbl2(item int,qty int)

select isnull(t1.item,t2.item) as item,isnull(t1.qty,0)+isnull(t2.qty,0) as qty from tbl1 t1 full outer join tbl2 t2 on t1.item =t2.item 
order by 1
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You can try this

SELECT item , SUM(qty)
   SELECT item, qty
   FROM warehouse_1
   SELECT item, qty
   FROM warehouse_2
) AS U GROUP BY item
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CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW warehouse_3 as 
    SELECT coalesce(w1.item,w2.item) as item, w1.qty+w2.qty as qty
    FROM warehouse_1 as w1
    OUTER JOIN warehouse_2 as w2
    ON w1.item = w2.item;

Assuming that item is unique. coalesce is nvl in some databases. Then you can just call:

select * from warehouse_3;

and it will return the sum.

Also if you change some of the quantities in W1 or W2 it will be automatically corrected in W3

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This wouldn't show items which only exist in one of the two warehouses. You'd need a full outer join for that... – sybkar Sep 11 '12 at 12:39
You are right @sybkar i will edit my post. – Desislav Kamenov Sep 11 '12 at 12:40

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