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I want to develop an android English dictionary application that uses only an offline database. By that, I mean to say that it doesn't have to be redirected to online dictionary like WordWeb or the like. Does anybody know what should I do to store my words? I'm thinking of using SQLite since it's mobile. But if anyone here already has done or did something what I want to do, can you give me some expert suggestions?

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I have used this code from . Hope it will help you also.

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this sample is not available. Is there any chance that you have a copy of it. appreciate your help –  Chann Apr 6 at 3:59
Sorry @Chann Never feared that this could be removed from the repository. –  Syamantak Basu Apr 6 at 4:59
found it in git. thanks for the reply… –  Chann Apr 6 at 5:11
is there a newer version its 4 to 6 years ago update –  shareef Sep 30 at 12:13

I'd go with using SQLite, that's probably the easiest and most straightforward way to do it on Android. Of course the complexity of this solution depends on you exact needs. If you only need a really simple dictionary, then you could get away with a simple db schema with basic queries.

Another thing that comes to mind is the Trie data structure, you may want to look into that: . But it probably wouldn't worth the hassle to pull this off using this, I'd guess that the performance of the SQLite solution is more than enough for your needs.

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Try the Google API samples, I know they have a Dictionary application. I'm pretty sure it's offline too. I had to build something with an offline cache, I used JAVA's excellent XML parser to load things into the SQLite database. When the user had an internet connection, it would download a new XML and use that to update the database. You can store any type of file with your application however. The sample I'm talking about is called Searchable Dictionary.

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Your primary problem is to specify what essential will store your dictionary.

There are a lot of ways provided by Android to store your data such like:

  • SharedPreferences
  • File saved in device's internal storage or external storage
  • SQLite database
  • You also may create a static database and store it in your assets folder as described in this post.

    Also you may check for Searchable Dictionary from android-samples which is a good example of implementing a search for your app and also there described some technics of storing data.

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