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Is it possible to drilldown UITableViews so that the next level is not showing in fullscreen?
I currently have a UIViewController with two UITableViews. As soon as I click any of the rows in them the next level shows up filling the screen (I'm using [self.navigationController pushViewController:nextController animated:YES] for this).
But what I actually want is that if I click on a row in the lower UITableView I want the lower UITableView to show the next level while the upper one is still showing its content.

Next step would be to use the lower UITableView as Filter, so in the next level I can click on some filter options which would then change the upper UITableView content (similar to the SearchBar where the content changes depending on what you type).

Any ideas how to accomplish the first part?

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I made this by adding each UITableView inside their own UIView. This can then be resized.

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