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I need to modify an existing APK, modify the sources and then recompile it.

  • I can decompile it using dex2jar or apktool, it's working great
  • From the jar file I can obtain the java sources (using jd-gui)
  • Then I can modify the java files

But now I would like to know how to recompile the java files and put them back into a jar file! (the jar part should be easy, the main problem seems to be how to recompile the java files for android)

I know that an other solution is to use apktool and then modify the smali files, but it seems to be really complicated when we want to add a lot of code!

My application is a basic a HelloWorld whitout obfuscation.

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Surely, you'd build the Java files the same way any Android developer would, using the Android SDK. –  Chris Jester-Young Sep 11 '12 at 13:06
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Thanks to Chris Jester-Young I managed to make it work!

I think the way I managed to do it will work only on really simple projects:

  • With Dex2jar I obtained the Jar.
  • With jd-gui I convert my Jar back to Java files.
  • With apktool i got the android manifest and the ressources files

  • In Eclipse I create a new project with the same settings as the old one (checking all the information in the manifest file)

  • When the project is created I'm replacing all the ressources and the manifest with the ones I obtained with apktool
  • I paste the java files I extracted from the Jar in the src foled (respecting the packages)
  • I modify those files with what I need
  • Everything is compiling!

/!\ be sure you removed the old apk from the device an error will be thrown stating that the apk signature is not the same as the old one!

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this won't work on complex Applications(Dex2jar is not perfect - also some developers manage to lock their Applications down by using proguard or siilar techniques). But for some it might work –  Ahmad Sep 11 '12 at 18:37
Yeah you are right, this is why I said "I think the way I managed to do it will work only on really simple projects" –  darkheir Sep 12 '12 at 8:41
sorry I did not read that –  Ahmad Sep 12 '12 at 12:46
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  1. First download the dex2jar tool from Following link http://code.google.com/p/dex2jar/downloads/list

  2. Extract the file it create dex2jar folder

  3. Now you pick your apk file and change its extension .apk to .zip after changing extension it seems to be zip file then extract this zip file you found classes.dex file

  4. Now pick classes.dex file and put it into dex2jar folder

  5. Now open cmd window and type the path of dex2jar folder

  6. Now type the command dex2jar.bat classes.dex and press Enter

  7. Now Open the dex2jar folder you found classes_dex2jar.jar file

  8. Next you download the java decompiler tool from the following link http://java.decompiler.free.fr/?q=jdgui

  9. Last Step Open the file classes_dex2jar.jar in java decompiler tool now you can see apk code

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I know this question is answered still , i would like to pass a information

there is a online decompiler for android apks


  1. Upload apk from local machine
  2. Wait some moments
  3. download source code in zip format

I don't know how reliable is this ,

Still worth Hats Off to creators

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