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I'm building an iOS application for a client (not an enterprise but non-profit association with under than 500 employees), distributed in a free version and a "paid" one.

The free version will be available with iTunes/AppStore. No problem with that. But about the paid one... the distribution my client wants is different.

They want to distribute it to their clients as a "bonus" in their subscription, and so, to control this distribution.


The first answer would be "iOS Developer Enterprise Program", but after research, In-House app cannot be done because it's not an enterprise and have less than 500 employees. Moreover, the app must be distributed to clients, not employees.


B2B is not available in my country.

Ad Hoc

Limited to 100 devices, with "iOS Developer Standard Program". This cannot be used, because of limitation.


We do not sell product or things like that. Just using it.


If I don't use the In-App thing, will the fact that my client will distribute the app' with a subscription be a problem ?

What if we use a activation code in the app to enable it ? Can we be banned for that ?

I'd like to say that I've contacted Apple for that. In my country, they only sale. And the email I sent through their website is still unanswered.

Any help would be grateful.

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What you need is B2B. It does sound that the App Store is not the right place for your application. Using serial input for unlocking additional features of the app is not allowed by Apple. For unlocking additional features you must use In-App Purchases.

Does you app connects to a web service using a login with username and so on? Then you could differ on server side what the user is allowed to do and provide only one version of the application which changes the available features by the result of the server. But you will have to take additional care of not being able to unlock this additional features by editing the apps binary ("hacking").

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About B2B, that's a the solution I wanted to use but it's unavailable in my country. And yes, it uses WS with login and password. I hope it will be okay. – Gnial0id Nov 7 '12 at 8:21

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