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I have a column named 'uniqueid' for which i need to enter only even numbers in increment fashion. I am using Hibernate for inserting data into the table. I came across this feature in Hibernate where the Hibernate itself inserts the data to a primary key column using the annotation @Generated value. But it is defaulting to incrementing the value one at a time. How can I specify the increment value to 2 starting from 2 onwards so that I get all even numbers filled automatically in my 'uniqueid' column for each object.

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You can specify a custom generator which you can then declare in a class:

@GenericGenerator(name="MyGenerator", strategy="somePackage.someSubPackage.MyGenerator",  
    parameters = { @Parameter(name="tableName", value="test_table") } )  

Also your generator class needs to implement PersistentIdentifierGenerator

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I partly agree to your answer, but my expectation was "what is the format of the custom generator class?" How should I write it? What all I need to create such a custom generator class. It would be helpful if you can let me know them –  Surya Chandra Sep 11 '12 at 15:24

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