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In xades4j, in case of multiple enveloping signature i will have my signed document with, at the end, more Signature elements, but i need to tell to each reference to signed document (URI="") that he must not refers to other Signature element that represent other Signature, i need so to add this transformation

<ds:Reference URI="">
        <ds:Transform Algorithm="http://www.w3.org/2002/06/xmldsig-filter2">
            <dsig-xpath:XPath Filter="subtract">/descendant::ds:Signature</dsig-xpath:XPath>   

Telling that it must not to consider ds:Signature element for signature production. How xades4j permit the use of this kind of transformation?



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You can add the transforms when defining the DataObjectReference. Check the examples on the wiki page and the XPath2FilterTransform class documentation.

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