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I'm making a page with activeadmin to update password of current user. I have a non-persisted model to check validation of password, etc. My problem is that when I try

ActiveAdmin.register UpdatePassword do
    actions :edit, :update

It creates the routes /update_passwords/:id and /update_passwords/:id/edit.

I want to change those routes to /update_passwords via get and put.

Is there any way to change that?

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I couldn't find a way to do it with activeadmin but defining the routes manually worked:

match "/admin/update_passwords" => 'admin/update_passwords#edit', via: :get, as: "admin_update_passwords"
match "/admin/update_passwords" => 'admin/update_passwords#update', via: :post
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It seems to me that the controller name UpdatePassword is confusing.

The paths end up being something like:


I think that this would be better:

ActiveAdmin.register Password do
  actions :edit, :update


ActiveAdmin.register User do
  actions :edit, :update
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Though the question is about 2 years old, but you can achieve routing as well as the customized method using collection_action or member_action. Refer this.

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