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I am starting to work with QUnit. I have existing logic that is conditional on a check box state.

function CheckEmailRequirementSatisfied() {
if (isEdit == "false") {
    if ($("#EmailId").val() != "" || $("#IsOtherEmail").is(":checked")) {
    } else {

I have the following module with setup and tests.

module("CheckEmailRequirementSatisfied", {
setup: function () {
    $("#qunit-fixture").append('<input id="EmailId" /> ');
    $("#qunit-fixture").append('<input id="EmailRequirementSatisfied" /> ');
    $("#qunit-fixture").append('<input type="checkbox" name="IsOtherEmail" /> ');

test("IsOtherEmail true", function () {
isEdit = "false";
$("#EmailRequirementSatisfied").val("test value");
    $("#IsOtherEmail").prop("checked", true);
    $("#IsOtherEmail").attr("checked", "checked");

ok($("#EmailRequirementSatisfied").val() == "1", "Requirements should be set to 1");

I have tried all of the options in the commented block of the test to setup my checkbox. but it keeps failing out saying that it's not checked.

Using https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8.1/jquery.min.js and http://code.jquery.com/qunit/qunit-1.10.0.js

Any thoughts?


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Shouldn't that line be:

 $("#qunit-fixture").append('<input type="checkbox" id="IsOtherEmail" /> ');

i.e., 'id' rather than 'name'?

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That did it. I looked at it, what seems like 100 times, and didnt see that. Thanks. –  JoshuaMayHome Sep 11 '12 at 19:57

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