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I am using curl_multi to send out emails out in a rolling curl script similar to this one but i added a curlopt_timeout of 10 seconds and a curlopt_connecttimeout of 20 seconds http://www.onlineaspect.com/2009/01/26/how-to-use-curl_multi-without-blocking/

while testing it i reduced the timeouts to 1ms by using timeout_ms and connecttimeout_ms respectively, just to see how it handles a timeout. But the timeout kills the entire curl process. Is there a way to continue with the other threads even if one times out?? Thanks.


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class Possibilities extends Thread {
    public function __construct($url){
        $this->url = $url;

    public function run(){
        * Or use curl, this is quicker to make an example ...
        return file_get_contents($this->url);
$threads = array();
$urls = get_my_urls_from_somewhere();
foreach($urls as $index => $url){
    $threads[$index]=new Possibilities($url);
foreach($threads as $index => $thread ){
    if( ( $response = $threads[$index]->join() ) ){
        /** good, got a response */
    } else { /** we do not care **/ }

My guess is, you are using curl multi as it's the only option for concurrent execution of the code sending out emails ... if this is the case, I do not suggest that you use anything like the code above, I suggest that you thread the calls to mail() directly as this will be faster and more efficient by far.

But now you know, you can thread in PHP .. enjoy :)

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