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Straight forward question, does anybody know how to make a wildcard query using morphia linked to a mongoDB database?

This is what the mongo statement would look like:

Mongo: db.users.find({name:/Joe/})
SQL: SELECT * FROM users WHERE name LIKE "%Joe%"

My morphia statement looks like:

Morphia: ds.find(File.class, "filename","/test/").order("filename").asList();

I have filenames in my database such as test1, test etc

If someone could please tell me if it's even possible with morphia it would be most appreciated.


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What you refer to as a "wildcard" is in fact a "Regular Expression".

The Java class which represents regular expressions is the Pattern. You can pass these to the filter method of Morphia's Query object.

// create a regular expression which matches any string which includes "test"
Pattern regexp = Pattern.compile("test");
// use this regular expression to create a query
Query q = ds.createQuery(File.class).filter("filename", regexp).sort("filename");
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Thanks that was exactly what I needed. –  user1479897 Sep 12 '12 at 10:53
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