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I want to create a bootable flash drive, that would carry an iso-image of Windows7 recovery DVD and GRUB2 in flash drive boot sector, so that GRUB2 creates a loopback device from the DVD-image and chainloads it. I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 machine to do that, which itself boots with GRUB-legacy (GRUB1). GRUB-legacy is incapable of booting iso-image from flash. So the question is:

Will I impair the booting process of Ubuntu 10.04 machine, installing GRUB2 package on it, in order to grub-install it to the flash drive?

Thanks in advance.

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Recently found out: GRUB2 is unable to loopback an .ISO file in filesystem as a device, unless that .ISO-file was specifically designed for that (as some Linux distributions do). (irc.gnu.org #grub channel says this in its prompt). So my initial plan is not going to work. –  Bob Sep 12 '12 at 10:37
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It's possible that you could screw up the configuration. But it definitely should work if done correctly. And it should be repairable if you screw it up in any normal fashion. It is however not a supported configuration and you'll be operating with no net, so show some caution and back up everything when testing your configuration.

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