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In the Apple docs there are a lot of classes that are meant to be subclassed or abstract classes. How can i find which classes are subclass of a given class?

For instance: If i'm looking at UIDummyClassAbstract, how can i find all classes that are subclassing UIDummyClassAbstract?

It would help to get a better overview

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It is not exactly in Documentation but you can inspect class hierarchy this way:

  1. Open "Symbol Navigator" (look for enter image description here icon)
  2. Toggle "Show only project defined symbols" option off (enter image description here icon in the bottom at the window)
  3. You can inspect class tree now :)

enter image description here

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Thanks, that's good enough:) –  Trj Sep 11 '12 at 14:43

Although it is not a free product, if you were to use AppCode instead of Xcode, this stuff is relatively easy, even for classes that you don't own (like in your example).

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