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I'm currently receiving an object on an integration channel that is something like:

public class LargeObject {
    private final String name;
    private final Integer id;

I want to take the name from it, wrap it in my own object and send it to another channel.

So generally I want to transform the message payload in a way similar to <integration:json-to-object-transformer>.

I could just do it with a <integration:service-activator>, but I was wandering if there is component specifically dedicated for the job ?


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The proper component for this is a


Assuming you have a constructor on your new object and a getName() method on your LargeObject, you can use a simple transformer with an expression...

<int:transformer expression="new foo.OtherObject(payload.name)"
    input-channel="foo" output-channel="bar" />

If you need more sophistication, simply make a POJO with this method...

public OtherObject transformIt(LargeObject input) {...}

and use...

<int:transformer ref="transformerPojo"
    input-channel="foo" output-channel="bar" />
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