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I created a many to many realtionship for 2 entities. But the mapping was only set on one side. for example OrderMap class:

    HasManyToMany(x => x.Fields)

But the other side ie for FieldMap class. I did not specify this mapping. Nhibernate is throwin errors as of now and I am no sure if it is because of this. Can you let me know if this is correct? My nhibernate errors are : "a different object with the same identifier value was already associated with the session"

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it is not nessesary to map the ManyToMany on both sides, it is perfectly legal as you posted. The error you are getting is because you have want to save/update/delete two different objects with the same Identifier which indicates a bug hence NHibernate throws. Post the code which throws the exception.

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I found the solution to this. As you mentioned I figured out It was not needed to map many to many on both sides. The error was because I was trying to add new child to the parent object instead of getting that child from the database repository and then assigning to the parent. Now it is working. Thanks – 8GB Sep 14 '12 at 17:23

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