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I need to extract a URL that is wrapped with <strong> tags. It's a simple regular expression, but I don't know how to do that in shell script. Here is example:

url=$(echo $line | sed -n '/strong>(http:\/\/.+)<\/strong/p')

I need "http://www.example.com/index.php" in the $url variable.

Using busybox.

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url=$(echo $line | sed -n 's!<strong>\(http://[^<]*\)</strong>!\1!p')
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This might work:

url=$(echo $line | sed -r 's/<strong>([^<]+)<\/strong>/\1/')
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You don't have to escape forward slashes with backslashes. Only backslashes need to be escaped in regular expressions. You should also use non-greedy matching with the ?-operator to avoid getting more than you want when there are multiple strong tags in the HTML sourcecode.

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Update: as busybox uses ash, the solution assuming bash features likely won't work. Something only a little longer but still POSIX-compliant will work:

url=${line#<strong>}  # $line minus the initial "<strong>"
url=${url%</strong>}  # Remove the trailing "</strong>"

If you are using bash (or another shell with similar features), you can combine extended pattern matching with parameter substitution. (I don't know what features busybox supports.)

# Turn on extended pattern support
shopt -s extglob

# ?(\/) matches an optional forward slash; like /? in a regex
# Expand $line, but remove all occurrances of <strong> or </strong>
# from the expansion
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