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My current code:

for i  in {0..5}; do
       rate[${i}]="`echo $line| awk -v par=$i '{par=par+2}{print $par}'`"

Extracts each field, starting from the 2nd and puts it into array. Please advise if there is a more elegant way to re-write this. it doesn't necessarily need to be in awk.

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Could you provide sample input and expected output? –  Thor Sep 11 '12 at 15:22

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Using set to split the input and shift to remove leading 2 elements:

set $line
shift 2

or eliminating shift as suggested by chepner:

set $line
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You can use rate=( $( set $line; shift 2; echo "$@" ) ) if there is any concern about overwriting the current value of $@. Also, you can skip the shift with "${@:2}". (And $@ should be quoted.) –  chepner Sep 11 '12 at 14:52

You could use the variable substitution operators:

linetmp=${line#* } # remove up to the first space
linetmp=${linetmp#* } remove up to the second (now first) space
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