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I have a working webservice on site A, I have no problem consuming this service from within site A, now I am trying to consume the same service from site B with no success...

Code follows -

$(function () {
                    sID: "tempID"
            function (data) {
                //success call
                return false;

Any idea how can I consume site A webservice from site B ?


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This is because cross-domain policy.

If you can had some headers in the response of the webservice, you can easily bypass that.

see : http://www.w3.org/TR/cors/

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Cross-site HTTP Requests are not allowed by modern browsers as a security measure. The correct way to work around this is to use JSONP callback in the URL.

      // do something here
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Use $.ajax with dataType: "jsonp" - this will automatically register your callback function for you and avoid the cross domain issue.

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