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I have an issue with the FB like button.

In a web view inside our iOS and Android apps, when the FB like button is pressed and you are not logged in, instead of displaying a login modal as it has previously it just disappears.

This happens for the iframe and XFBML versions.

I can also reproduce this when clicking the like button in the mobile browser when viewing

I've logged this with FB Dev but thought I'd try here as well.

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Using the debug tool didn't work for me. I've tried using the HTML 5 and FBXML version of the Like button code to no avail. If I'm logged in to FB I see the button, if not, the button is rendered to the page with a width and height of 0. Did you ever solve the issue? – creativetim Feb 8 '13 at 16:09

I had the same problem.... You have to use this tool:

Enter the url you want to add like button, this will clear facebook cache, and the like button will work properly.

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what if you are trying to load a facebook page url? then the debugger tells you it can't debug facebook pages :( – user151496 Sep 16 '14 at 9:54

It's possible a like button is blocked if the page it links to has a restriction. This article has some more information about this problem: Ttp://

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