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Im having a problem with solr Replication.

I can't put images to show you, but in the server, the are a lot of folder with name: index.20120909073102, index.20120909081811, index.20120909081711, index.20120909080711, index.20120909065611...

When the Slave get the info from Master, it creates a new index with the date. But I want to replicate just to one folder. Is there a way to configure it?


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This appears to be an issue effecting Solr versions prior to 4.0-BETA. Please see JIRA issue SOLR-1781 for more details

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Yes is an issue. We are changing to 4.0-BETA soon. Tnks! – Adriano Galesso Alves Sep 12 '12 at 15:23

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