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I am using Mongoid. I have a document that looks like the following:

  foo: {bar: 1, foobar: 2}
  another_attr: 1

In this case, preferably using Mongoid, how would I query for all pets that have a bar value greater than 0 where another_attr is equal to 1?

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In mongo shell:

db.pets.find({"foo.bar":{$gt:0}, another_attr:1});

In mongoid:

Pet.where(:'foo.bar'.gt => 0, :another_attr => 1)
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To find all pets with a bar value greater than 0, you can use the $gt keyword in your query. To access a nested field (bar), you can use dot notation :

db.pet.find( {"foo.bar" : {$gt : 0}})

Then, to also require that another_attr is equal to 1, you can just add another requirement into the query:

db.pet.find( {"foo.bar" : {$gt : 0} , another_attr : 1 } )

You can find documentation about advanced queries here: http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/Advanced+Queries

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