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I load form data from server and filling form with it.

    var form = this.getPForm().getForm().load({
        url: '/url',
        params: {
            id: record.get('id'),

All goes OK except one checbox, which doesn't get checked even its input data is true

                fieldLabel: 'name',
                name: 'name',
                minLength: 5,
                maxLength: 80,
            }, {
                xtype: 'checkbox',
                fieldLabel: 'Yes?',
                name: 'yes',
                inputValue: '1',
                uncheckedValue: '0',



On Form load I get true alert message informing that form data has acheved checkbox and is changing. But checkbox doesn't get checked!

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That checkbox's initial checked state should be based on the value of the yes property of the data you're loading. What's that value? –  JohnnyHK Sep 11 '12 at 15:22

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The load-operation above says nothing at all concerning your issue... As JohnnyHK stated, what data do you receive (load into the form) From your comments I guess you are receiving a boolean value therefore I would recommend you to use

inputValue: 'true', 
uncheckedValue: 'false'

even if

inputValue: '1', 
uncheckedValue: '0'

should compare equal, using plain javascript. You might also try setting a default startvalue

value: true, 
checked: true

At least I do it this way and it work for me. If this don't help, please post the data you are receiving from the server.

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Resolved my issue. Problem was in same name properties at two different checkboxes. Thank all for taking time.

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