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The main content of our publishing site disappears after a second if the site is in published and accepted state. The navigation and the header is visible. The result is compareable to the problem described on this page:


When you move the mouse the content appears immediately. The problem only occurs in Internet Explorer. If you check out the site the content is visible from the beginnning.

I checked for some javascript struggling, but everything seems to be ok. Any idea where this strange behavoir comes from?

thx for help!

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it seems init.js will cause this problem. I removed every single line of custom js code and the problem still appears. The content disappears before Anonymous() function is called in init.js. –  Tom Sep 12 '12 at 7:56

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We had a very similar situation... using Sharepoint 2010 server but using MS Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) as browser, doing a quick research on the web I found the following blog with a similar discussion http://go4answers.webhost4life.com/Example/ie6-sharepoint-2010-107662.aspx

What fixed the issue was the answer 18 down below the blog that states: "The fix: Forcing #s4-bodyContainer to have haslayout fixed everything. In my case, adding #s4-bodyContainer { zoom: 1 } or #s4-bodyContainer { width: 100%; } (for valid CSS) worked to fix the blank display issue AND the flyout menu positioning issues in one swoop."

Hope this helps.

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