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How do I pass a new model to a view-state in Spring WebFlow2. I have a input screen where my user enters some data and then it goes back to the server to process it. If the data is ok then I have to setup a Ticket Model and pass it to the next view-state to display.

I can't get the next view-state to display the data in the Ticket. Can someone please help me out.

My Flow:

<view-state id="MemberInquiry" view="question.jsp" model="memberrequest" >
        <transition on="submit" to="endState">
            <evaluate expression="flowActions.addInquiry(memberrequest)" result="flowScope.ticket"/>

        <transition on="cancel" to="endState" bind="false"/>

    <view-state id="endState" view="thanks.jsp" >


Here is the code in the controller:

public Ticket addInquiry(MemberRequest memberrequest) {

        LOGGER.debug("[" + memberrequest.toString() + "]");

        // Setting data over to RT

        String Ticket = memberInquiryService.sentWebRequest(memberrequest);

         * Setting out the ticket number to be displayed to user

        Map<String, Object> model = new HashMap<String, Object>();
        Ticket t = new Ticket();

        LOGGER.debug("[" + t.toString() + "]");

        return t;

Here is the code in the thanks page:

    Thanks for submitting.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.
    <c:out value="${ticket.TicketDetails}" />
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try to an action-state:

<transition on="submit" to="addInquiry" />

<action-state id="addInquiry">
    <evaluate expression="flowActions.addInquiry(memberrequest)" result="flowScope.ticket"/>
    <transition to="endState" />
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