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I want to fetch comments from a page which have more than 20 likes and 20 shares . How do i do this using FQL

Also is there any FQL query that can search the comment text of the user for example

For example there is a post

Which phone to buy ?

with some comments like 1) "buy Apple" 2) "buy samsung"

I want to write a query like ...

select comment from that page where likes > 20

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Yes. This gets all posts with more than 20 likes on the "Facebook" page, ordered by the descending number of likes:

SELECT post_id, source_id, actor_id, message, comments, likes FROM stream 
  WHERE source_id = 20531316728 AND likes.count > 20 ORDER BY likes.count DESC

This, of course, is subject to the normal limits of the stream FQL table.

To search within the comments, you'll need to query the comments table with the post_id you got from the query above. Something like:

SELECT post_id, from_id, time, text FROM comment WHERE post_id = XXXXX 
  AND strpos(text, "buy Apple") >= 0

The strpos function is pretty limited. You are better off just pulling all the comments into your script and using a more powerful text processing function to find the strings of interest for you.

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