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I am writing a web application that requires a database which will have entities like user, friends etc. Since Cloud SQL service is not free so i am looking for alternatives. Amazon RDS is one option, since they have a free tier which would suit my needs in the short term but before I get into it I would like to know more about blobstores.

Is it ideal to use blobstore to store such kind of information? There are questions like:

  1. how will the read/write latency be compared to a traditional db ?
  2. if i start with blobstore and later i want to move to relational db, what are the problems that i could face ?
  3. The most important of all is, if it is ideal to use blobstore in my scenario.

After looking at the documentation on google dev site I have found that blobstores are used to store large/medium files like images and videos.

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How about the GAE datastore? Where will your application be running? You'll want the database close to your web server for latency. – Joachim Isaksson Sep 11 '12 at 16:09

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You can't and shouldn't try to use the blobstore for structured data. That's what the datastore is for. Blobstore is for unstructured data such as files.

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