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my understanding is that in gingerbread and lower, android kept a cache of 200 wifi location fixes and 50 cell location fixes. These were stored in cache.wifi and cache.cell files at /data/data/com.google.android.location/files, and rooted devices could view these locations using apps like this.

However, those types of apps no longer work in ICS devices. Does this mean android no longer caches cell/wifi location fixes? Or does it simply mean nobody has been able to create a similiar type of app for ICS or nobody can figure out where the cache is stored anymore?

Assuming there is a cache stored locally on the device, then when a network provided location is requested, is the location returned by android retrieved via the local cache or is it a fresh one from the network? How do I know if its new or from the cache?

Lastly, how much network data do network provided locations (with wifi radio enabled/on and data connectivity on) actually use?

Thanks, Dom

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Did you ever find out about where the location cache went to? –  Izzy Sep 25 '14 at 19:30

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