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i m developing a social networking application using php and i want to make a chat application which supports video chat features like in Gmail ( google provides browser plugin for that )

I have checked tokbox. but I would like to see some real/sample sites(like meebo) using tokbox for video chat.

Thanks in advance.

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Perhaps this will get you started, and on the correct path. From here, you can revisit Stackoverflow with specific questions about particular steps you take along the way.

Adobe.com » Creating a Video Chat: Your First Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX Application

Wayback: Creating a Video Chat: Your First Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX Application

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Your link is broken –  Henrik P. Hessel Oct 3 '10 at 14:39
@Henrik Thank you. I managed to find this on the Wayback Archive. –  Jonathan Sampson Oct 4 '10 at 0:06

I suspect Subramanian has already found their solution. I'm curious what he or she found to do to accomplish this engineering feat????

Recently (2011): Openfire chat with its various software plugins & clients are the best open source solution. Voice and Video chat are handled almost entirely directly via a peer-to-peer connection. The server is only required to "point" client IPs as they traverse to find each other. Read about STUN & TURN servers. This is also how the iPhone "Facetime" video chat works. It's a complicated seteup and some pretty rough C++ libraries.

Voice and Video chat remain right at the edge of Open Source availability. You can get there today (FALL 2012) but it takes a good deal of skill to understand and wire-up all that is required. Every day it will get easier however and someday soon it will be simple RPMs (& .DEB:) installations.

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I believe that videochat requires some sort of streaming server in the host-environment, dont think you can do that with PHP alone.

It might be more usefull to look for some videostreaming server software.

Hope this helps you on in your search?

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