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I'm looking to record some data about cursor movements that will be correlated with other sensor data collected by another system. I hope to learn something about the relationship of the physical motions of a computer mouse and the cursor motion when used by the average user.

I have software to record the physical mouse that records the sensor data in a CSV file at a fairly short time interval (on the order of 100hz). What I need is a piece of software that can record similar data about the cursor position on the computer screen vs time intervals (faster than 30Hz sampling preferred)).

Any suggestions?

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You can do this with a Python script. As long as you also install PyWin32. using the GetCursorInfo Function

flags, hcursor, (x,y) = win32gui.GetCursorInfo()

Alternatively, This Link will give you the codes for accessing mouse data from various languages. Use whichever works faster tham 30Hz for you.

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