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In Eclipse, one can use so called "path variables" and so called "string variables" at some places. For example, in a "run configuration", the base directory can be set to ${project_loc:/${project_name}} instead of providing a static value.

How can I find out the value of such a variable (or the value of an expression consisting of possibly several variables)?

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Open the Project "Properties" dialog. On the left-side menu, expand "Resource" and click on "Linked Resource". This will should immediately show the defined "Path Variables" on the big right panel, including $project_loc$. Note you can also add new variables to your project.

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This is already a good start for finding out, thanks! ... what about ${project_name} and ${project_classpath}. At least in my case, these variables are not listed under "Path Variables", yet they exist as variables in, for example, "Run Configurations" - but there I cannot see to what values these variables evaluate to. – Abdull Jun 5 '13 at 23:31

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