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There're a lot of resources on how to substitute the Json.NET library as the default serializer in ASP.NET MVC apps, but, for the life of me, I can't find a single resource on how to set it as the default deserializer.

To illustrate that a bit, here's some template code:

                              // how to use Json.NET when deserializing
                              // incoming arguments?
public ActionResult SomeAction ( Foo foo ) {

    // this piece of code has lots of resources
    // on how to override the default Javascript serializer
    return Json(new Bar());


How do I tell my application to use Json.NET when deserializing incoming parameters in controller actions, say, from a jQuery AJAX call?

    type : 'POST',
    data : { foo : 'bar' }

I've tried adapting MediaTypeFormatters into my code by adjusting this resource from Rick Strahl, but that didn't work either. Note that I'm not in a WebAPI environment --- but I expect that one solution that works on a normal Controller should work (albeit with minimal adjustments) in an ApiController.

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Did you fix this issue somehow? –  Jaap Apr 1 at 15:57
@Jaap I remember having to drop this before, but I did try out Fatal's suggestion below and that worked to a great extent. –  Richard Neil Ilagan Apr 6 at 6:59

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You'll need to implement a custom ValueProviderFactory and remove the standard JsonValueProviderFactory.

There's some example code here: http://json.codeplex.com/discussions/347099 however reading through the comments, i'm not 100% sure that it will properly handle dictionaries.

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This article does not provide a way to customize Json conversion using JsonConverter attributes. –  Jaap Apr 1 at 15:56

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